The Moreno Valley Educators Association represents the teachers, nurses, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, and guidance counselors of the Moreno Valley Unified School District. Affiliated with the California Teachers Association and the National Education Association, MVEA has been representing Moreno Valley Educators since 1991.

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  • Dear Site Reps,
    We know that sites are beginning to work on their restructuring plans. Sometimes there are questions. If you have any, please contact MVEA at 485-0545. Remember both MVEA and the District (Ed Services) approve the final restructuring plan.
    Recently, there was a question regarding staff meetings, the contract, and restructuring. Let us say that sites can be creative and plan to have some or all staff meetings on "flex days".  Many sites already do this. Unit members can also schedule "personal collaboration" time as part of a restructuring plan, time to prepare common core lessons or to articulate with others. The sky is the limit, creatively speaking, as long as the restructuring contributes to the improvement of student progress.
    We encourage ALL educators to make their voices heard!  After all, you are the people who are closest to the children, whether you are a teacher, counselor, SLP, nurse or psychologist. This is our time as professionals to make plans based on what we know will work. So, please as a staff, if you are restructuring, please work together to assess your needs and plan a restructure that works for our students and you!
    The final part of the restructuring process is a review by MVEA and MVUSD to look at the contract conditions and assure that they are being followed or in some cases, waived for the period of the restructure to fit the needs of the site. 
    As always, thank you for your membership and all you do for our students.

    Harold Acord
    MVEA President
Mission Statement

The Moreno Valley Educators Association is an organization of 1800 professionals which serves as a powerful voice communicating the needs of Educators and students to the District, parents, and community in order to establish a positive school environment and build quality educational programs. The Association will continue to protect the rights of Educators, and thereby students, by promoting equity and human rights.